Vegetarian Restaurants In Prague: Eat Like A Boss

I’ve told you before and I am telling you again. Being a vegetarian in the Czech Republic sucks. What would you expect from a country where sirloin is a national meal? There are very few vegetarian options in common Czech restaurants and a lot of people still find it strange when I tell them I am a vegetarian (well, almost a vegetarian. Come on, you know that, we've spoken about it before!)

But you also already know that the situation is changing quickly. Restaurants include more vegetarian meals on menu, people are slowly learning to respect no-meat diet and new vegetarian restaurants keep opening up. It really is getting better.

Vegetarian restaurants in Prague

I spent a lot of time on gathering data for this post. You know, sampling all that delicious food is hard work. Originally, I wanted to make a list of my very favourite restaurant. But after eating in several of them I decided against it. All of them were great with beautiful interiors, great staff and delicious meals. It was too difficult to pick just a few!

Instead, I put the restaurants in order depending on how much I liked them. There will be many more times I go to Prague so I expect this list to grow with some new discoveries. 

Be ready to eat like a BOSS!

8. Dhaba Beas




Dhaba Beas, Prague, Indian Food

The competition on this list made me put my beloved Dhaba on the last place. Not fair! It is a buffet with Indian food where the final price depends on the weight. You eat from silver Indian-style trays and I love silver jugs of water on each table. Dhaba is ideal for a quick lunch but it gets even busier in the evenings: at 8pm, all the leftover food is reduced by 40% until it is sold out. 

There is a wide selection of salads, veg sides and sauces, curries, dhals, soups and a massive pile of rice. You can also try one of their lassis, samosas or Indian sweets. The last time I went during the happy hour, I got a generous portion of lentil dhal, bean curry, veg salad and heaps of rice for about 80CZK (about $3.5). The usual price during the day would be about 150CZK (about $6.5).

How to get there

There are several Dhaba Beas restaurants around Prague. The one on Vladislavova street is the one I always go to though. It's right behind Quadrium Shopping Centre at Narodni Trida metro station. Once there, don't forget to check out a massive moving statue of Franz Kafka or lovely gardens Františkánská zahrada

7. Mama coffee



fair trade

veggie burger, Mama Coffee, Prague

Just what you would expect from the name, Mama Coffee is a chain of coffee shops around Prague. It’s always buzzing with people eating, chatting and working and you might not even find a free spot to sit. Mama Coffee has very high standards regarding the suppliers of their coffee and their beans are fair trade. 

Because it’s mainly café, the selection of the meals is not great but the meals I had a chance to try were absolutely delicious. A veggie burger cost about 130CZK and so did a pumpkin risotto my co-diner ordered. The food was flawless but if you are looking for something actually healthy, you might look somewhere else as most of the meals on the menu are rather veggie comfort foods.

How to get there

Mama Coffee has a couple of cafés around Prague. The one I go to is at Vodičkova street. You best get there from tram stop Lazarská and Vodičkova or metro stop Karlovo náměstí and Můstek

6. Plevel




Plevel vegan restaurant, Prague

Plevel runs two restaurants, one on Jindřišská street right in the centre of Prague and another on Krymská street, new hipster centre of Prague. Both restaurants have a lovely interior. They cater for diners but also have a good selection of cakes and draft beer. The Krymská restaurant is on two floors

All meals are vegan, fresh and homely. I got lunch deal with soup and a main for about 130CZK. It was spicy tomato and beans soup, the main was rice with veg. Although I am always up for some world flavours, this simple meal was actually delicious. I recommend Plevel for casual lunch or dinner.

How to get there

Plevel has two restaurants as well. To get to Krymská street, get tram no 22 from the centre and get off at Krymská stop. It takes a minute to walk to the restaurant. Krymska is nicknamed Prague's Kreuzberg so don't leave just after lunch and try one of hip pubs around.

5. Lehká hlava




Lehká hlava vegetarian restaurant, Prague

Lehká hlava is possibly the best-known vegetarian restaurant in Prague. It is always packed and so the reservation is recommended. The food is great and the interior just beautiful. The walls are decorated with dark colours and exotic patterns, in one of the rooms there is even a little altar. Each table is lit by a funny mushroom-shaped lamp. Come any time but Lehká hlava might be especially good for a date night!

Food is fresh and full of flavours and colours. I was especially happy about the amount of vegetables on my plate! I got creamy pumpkin soup and whole-grain risotto with green beans and salad. The whole lunch deal cost about 130CZK but if you come for dinner, a meal is usually about 180CZK. Come and pay a visit for some healthy meals and great ambiance.

How to get there

Lehká hlava is hidden in a little street of Boršov, not far from Charles Bridge and a club Karlovy lázně. After lunch, have a stroll around Betlémská kaple, Bethlehem Chapel, where Czech reformer Jan Hus used to preach before he was burnt at the stake because of it, or continue along the tourist trail to the Castle

3. Incruenti





Pho soup, Incruenti vegan restaurant, Prague

If you don’t mind going a bit further from the centre, try Incruenti. It’s got clean and modern interior with a wooden deck and herbal garden outside. Big thumbs up for the effort to turn the restaurant into a zero-waste enterprise. Incruenti only uses eco-friendly cleaning products and doesn't use, on the other hand,  classic take-away boxes. They are also starting with vermicomposting of the food waste.

They are well-known for their home-made pasta which I didn't taste, however. I had a vegan pho and it was really good. (If you ever tried to make vegetarian pho at home, you appreciate how difficult it is.) I tried their chickpeas, veg and rice main and it was delicious. This was just a lunch deal though, from what I have seen there are many more exciting items on the normal menu!



How to get there

Incruenti is a bit further from the city centre but getting there is very straight forward. Get tram no 5, 10 or 16 from the centre and get off at Olšanské hřbitovy tram stop. Incruenti is about 5 minute walk from there. There aren't many monuments in this part of Prague but if you don't mind a bit of morbid entertainment, go and have a look at Olšanské hřbitovy, very old and mystical cemetery. Best enjoyed on misty autumn day. Just a Pack mentioned this cemetery in their great post Getting Off the Beaten Path in Prague.

3. Maitrea



gluten-free friendly


Vegetarian Restaurant Maitrea

Maitrea is a sister restaurant of Lehka hlava mentioned before. And you can tell. The same pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff and great design. Maitrea, however, is more on the oriental side with the whole interior decorated with Tibetan mantras and feels somewhat more spacious.


Just like with other restaurants, I popped in for a quick lunch and so I went for the daily menu. I got a spiced cauliflower soup and spaghetti with pesto, roasted cherry tomatoes and pumpkin seeds. It was absolutely sensational! And a great value as well costing me about 120 CZK (a bit under US$6) for the whole meal. The rest of the menu is quite eclectic with meals from all parts of the world as well as some Czech classics made vegetarian. If you want to taste the famous Czech sirloin creamy sauce with dumplings or goulash stripped off meat, Maitrea should be your first choice.

How to get there

Best enjoyed if you are already in the centre as the restaurant is located just next to the Old Town Square, after you pass Chrám Matky Boží před Týnem (the gothic cathedral you can see from anywhere on the Old Town Square). Honestly, the food is so fantastic and the location+price unbeatable so you should go even if you are not a vegetarian!

2. Estrella




Estrella vegetarian restaurant, Prague

Estrella is a little gem hidden very close to Narodni Trida. It gets busy and noisy at lunch but keeps a great atmosphere as you usually have to sit with other people at a table. Even like this, I still see Estrella as a perfect spot for a date when you don't want to seem too serious or romantic about it. The kitchen is tiny as well but even when very busy, you don't need to wait for long.

Estrella completely won my heart with spinach&ricotta ravioli and delicious looking and smelling salads. I didn't have soup this time as it contained dill which is one of very few things I actually cannot eat. This restaurant is more on the expensive side than others on this list.

How to get there

Take a metro B or one of many trams to Národní třída, it takes about five minutes to get to Estrella from there. This little area is full of cosy pubs, hip bars and everything in between. If it's too early to get a pint for you, explore Slovanský ostrov, Slovansky island, near by or go and have look at famous Dancing House on Resslova street.

1. Thai box food






Pad thai, Thai Box Food restaurant, Prague

Thai Box Food is the reason why this whole ranking of vegetarian restaurants in Prague is a complete nonsense. When there is Thai food involved, there is no such a thing as fair competition. Thai Box Food has a beautiful open kitchen, an incredibly nice owner who also cooks, modern and simplistic interior. All meals are cooked from scratch right in the restaurant instead of using pre-prepared stuff. Several meals contain (organic) eggs, the rest is vegan.

From all the restaurants I visited during my research, I struggled with choosing the perfect meal here the most. Should I get silky Thai soup? Red curry? Muay Thai salad? Well, I settled on pad thai combining all the flavours of the rainbow with soft rice noodles, crunchy peanuts and fresh herbs on top. Shall I say anything else?

How to get there

Located in the outer city centre, it is very easy to walk here. If you want to take public transport, you best get off at Jindřišská tram stop. Once you have a full belly, check out Jindřišská tower (sometimes, there are cool exhibitions) or walk back to Wenceslas square




Veggie burger, Podolka restaurant, Prague

Although this is not a vegetarian restaurant, I just HAD to include it on my list. The reason? One of the best veggie burgers I've ever had. It's got perfect bun, perfect quinoa burger, perfect sauce and optimal amount of veg. Jalapeños and cheese are optional.

How to get there

Podolka has its own stall at Naplavka Farmers market (map below) on Saturday mornings. To get this amazing burger any time of week you want, visit their restaurant on Podolské nábřeží - Přístav 1, 147 00 PRAHA 4. The rest of their vegetarian menu seems pretty tempting too!


Are you a travelling vegetarian? Read The Vegetarian's Guide To China.

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