Back to Europe: my travel plans

Two more months in Asia and I'm going home! Read about destinations I'm going to travel this summer.

Sagres, Portugal. Standing on a cliff

In China

Unfortunately, plans to visit places like Sichuan province won't work out as we only have a few short public holidays left.  But do you love the background picture on this website and my Facebook and Twitter accounts? Well, that's Guilin Karst.

Sunset in Yangshuo, Guilin Karst

Mind-blowing, magical landscape made for cycling, hiking and hill climbing. There are little villages scattered around and many places are too far for tour buses. We definitely want to go at least for a few days, rent bikes and explore this Chinese dreamland even more thoroughly. 

In Malaysia

There might be some more trips around China but the main thing is coming at the beginning of July. Take No 3 on MALAYSIA! This country has been on my to-visit list for years. It finally happened two years ago (when we spontaneously cancelled our tickets to Morocco and bought tickets to Malaysia two days in advance). I was really nervous that it would be disappointing because I was excited like crazy but....I LOVED it!

The beaches. The food. The people. The culture.

Eating in Georgetown, Malaysia

Although shorter, second trip to Malaysia was as good as the first one. We went to Melaka and met my sister with her boyfriend for Christmas (it was her first backpacking adventure in Asia and I was so proud of her!) 

Two girls wearing a veil

And so it happened that we still didn't get enough. Except Borneo (which is my top dream destination in the world) there are still a few places we want to explore. Other times, we completely missed dreamy Cameron Highlands and we never climbed up Petronas Towers. We'll spend the rest of the time diving on one of the Malaysian islands.

Perhentian Kecil boat taxi

We've been on Perhentian islands before but didn't fully enjoy it because of the sunburn we got on the very first day. And as we got our diving licence in the Philippines, we want to properly take advantage of it before we leave Asia. 

In London

We're going to fly from Kuala Lumpur (I can't wait for the curry in Little India) to London. There we'll reunite with our flatmate Beth who will show us around for a couple of days. I've been to London twice before. Both times at Victoria Couch Station waiting for a bus. It will be amazing to finally see the actual city!

In the Czech Republic

And then I continue all by myself back to my home country - Czech Republic (or Czechia, there has been a lot of confusion about the name recently). Aside of enjoying homemade meals from my mum's and grandma's kitchen, I have some grand plans for travels.

Street in Prague

 Not very well-known, there are amazing chateaux and dramatic castles, sweet little towns and gastronomic gems in Czech. I want to fully emerge into beer drinking and nakládaný hermelín eating, visiting beautiful places such as Pernštejn castle and remembering my childhood holidays in Třeboň. I will definitely write tons of posts for the blog to show everyone once and for all that the Czech Republic has so much to offer. (Did you notice I didn't mention Prague? But I have some grand plans for it too...)

In Scotland

I can't go to Europe without going to Scotland. Seriously, just look at this.

And it will definitely be a highlight. After spending a few days in Aberdeen, Jack and I (reunited again) will go on our historically third road trip around his homeland. This country never gets old and there are so many places we've never been to - Isle of Islay, Isle of Mull, Glencoe or Ullapool, to name just a few.

Eilean Donan, Scotland

I will be quite limited on time but I left enough blank spaces in my calendar for spontaneous trips. Can you add any tips for Scotland, Czech or Malaysia? And do you have any favourite places in these countries? Let me know!

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    Ivana (Monday, 16 May 2016 14:10)

    Bílé Karpaty, přenádherná, více méně teprve objevovaná lokalita

  • #2

    Andrea (Tuesday, 17 May 2016 06:19)

    To se musim mrknout :)