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I have been working and partying a lot and spent a fair amount of time on this page.

If you follow this blog regularly, you probably noticed that I suck. Unlike my original plan to post every three or four days, there hasn’t been any activity for a week. So what the hell have I been up to?

I have worked a lot. We started the second term and it’s been even more intense than the first term. We teach about 12 classes a week at the main school. I still have 55 kids who don’t fully respect me but in a weird logic, really like me. I’m slowly but truly alienating them though as I organise their spoken English exam and they realise it won't just be fun anymore. 

On top of normal classes, I continue to teach drama in the international department at my school. It’s quite a task too. There are only 14 students in each class but individual care, lack of military atmosphere and rich parents formed them into much more confident and resistant individuals. Me and my boyfriend are now rehearsing Cinderella with them. In a classic Chinese style, there are just 16 days between the kids see the script for the first time and them performing. We’ll do our best. 

I mean. You can never do more than your best.

 I still have Czech classes, now with only ten kids. As all the other students at our school, these kids are under enormous pressure. So I decided to put my silly national pride aside and make them like language learning in general rather than teach them loads of Czech language. (I do think that speaking Czech is a great skill in China but before these twelve-year-olds get any opportunity to speak it in real life, they’ll forget everything.)

I have partied a lot. After we came back from Japan, it took us a couple of days to get back together. Beth and her friend Fi arrived first from their Chinese trip, then us from Japan, Rachel and Adam from Cambodia and finally, a few days after the start of the new term, our new teachers and friends Rebecca and Sam from England. 

Again, we got into this bad habit of going for dinner, having a few beers and getting up really late the next day. We had great plans for this weekend but this time weather spoiled it all and we stayed in Shishan. Again. Hopefully there’ll be no excuses next weekend and we’ll finally see Macau. (Look at the map and judge me. After six months of living just a few hours away from there, I haven’t seen Macau yet.)

Lastly, I’ve been doing all this invisible work on my blog. I’ve written my first proper post about Japan (I spent literally the whole weekend writing it) and finally went online with The Great Unknown Facebook page. I did a thing I hate and invited all my Facebook friends to like the page. I’ve probably never experienced such an excitement as when I saw names I didn’t know liking my page! Now, I have a loyal audience of about 100 people and I really hope it will grow as I’ll keep writing more and more. 

I love it! 

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