The first dive in

We felt quite sad leaving Siquijor but Moalboal was great! It's a tiny little place on Cebu island famous for snorkeling and diving. We heard about it from a couple of people on the road and decided to do our first diving experience here. Except eating, drinking and diving, there wasn't much to do.

Beach in Moalboal, Philippines

We signed up with Cebu Dive Centre and they were just amazing from the beginning. They even opened a special course for us as we wanted to start as soon as possible and helped us to find accommodation. We got a room in a prison-like establishment but considering we paid 600 a night, we stayed there to the very last day. 

Surprised turtle
Surprised turtle

We started the course the very same day we signed up. Fortunately, it was only an introduction video. We were still highly disturbed by the terrifying boat journey from Siquijor the day earlier so staying out of water seemed like a great idea. The first training in water took place in a resort swimming pool. We couldn't believe it but it was actually just the tow of us us and our super chilled-out instructor Phil. 

It turned out later on that starting in the swimming pool was a great idea. We learnt all the necessary techniques to go to the sea. The water there was so freezing cold that the sea was suddenly nice and warm. And mainly, the water was filthy. It was so filthy that I got lost in this 6m long swimming pool. After that, the visibility in the sea was just unreal. 

We made our first dip in the sea on day 2. You don't really think about the beauty of corals and fish that first time. The first dive is just like first sex. You get in and it's amazing. You are finally doing it! But there are so many things to concentrate on. No swimming pool can prepare you for this. Am I buoyant enough? Why are my ears so sore? Should I equalise now then? Why am I going so deep? That's a lot of blue. Is there anything in that blue what wants to hurt me? I didn't know if I was doing it right and to be honest, I didn't really enjoyed it. I knew I had to do it a couple of more times to relax more.

school of sardines
Sardines do run in this famous dive spot

However, my dive number 2 was even worse. I was still nervous, tired and my ears wouldn't stop hurting me. I was trying to pop them only making it worse. We actually had to finish the dive in half as I couldn't get past 5 meters. We were supposed to do three dives the next day and I had the worst sleep. I was completely sure I wouldn't be able to dive ever again and I wouldn't be finish the course and blah blah blah. 

Dark, dark thoughts.

No surprise here, I was fine. I was so nervous and eager to get down that I was pushing too hard. As soon as I chilled out, I was suddenly 12 meters deep surrounded by thousands of sardines, corals and turtles. Ah, beautiful turtles. It was so amazing and so worth it! During the underwater meditation I also had time to think about everything. If the first dive is like first sex, all the other dives are like yoga. Peaceful and relaxed. As Amanda said that one time which seems like ages ago: "Once I'm down there, it's just me and my bubbles." 

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