The island of dogs and healers

We arrived to the island of Siquijor and stayed in the same hostel for three nights. We only got dorm beds but the place was an actual resort with a swimming pool and a beach. And absolutely amazing sunsets! Different every night, always beautiful. 


The owners, a Filipino lady and her husband, had three funny dogs. Max with a cat personality, three-feet tall grey dane puppy Tara and poor Blacky who has fallen in love with so many resort guests and was consequently heartbroken when they left that he hardened his heart and now he doesn’t speak to anyone. 



The resort was so close to the beach that one night everyone was entertained at a different animal - lost crab. He was properly big and after all men tried to take a picture with it also properly angry.

Our stay was very much chilled out. We rented out a scooter and drove round the whole island making a couple of stops. We swam in the waterfalls pool with cool fresh water but more importantly and memorably, I got peed on by a dog. Seriously. 



We were climbing up the stairs from the waterfalls back to the parking lot and… alright, I won’t give you details. We were climbing up the stairs and I suddenly realised my arm was peed on. I only saw the little rascal running away. Walking back to the waterfalls and getting washed there meant spending too much of the precious time getting dressed back in the swimsuit and facing that nice but slightly creepy Filipino youngster who was previously trying to make a girlfriend-swap agreement with Jack. I did what I had to do. I used eco-non-friendly amount of tissues and two bottles of fresh water bought at the car park. And then just I waited to get back to the hostel and scrub myself. The waterfalls were really nice but god. That dog!

Jack trying to spoil the picture making it even better
Jack trying to spoil the picture making it even better


I also had another first in Siquior. I held a monkey for the first time. While driving around the island we spotted a couple of young girls playing with a baby monkey. So we stopped. The best case scenario that the monkey was an orphan found in the forest didn't materialise. The family bought it and was going to keep it as a pet. Such circumstances are bad and if we touched it or not made no difference to the family or animal trade industry. So we just enjoyed it. The baby monkey was super cute, cuddly and curious!

We saw the monkey together with an English couple we met in our hostel - sweet and tanned Henry and Hannah. We also looked for the healers together with them. It was pretty cool! We got the healing procedure at the end. 

Another pretty cool place we went to was a foot spa. Just like the ones in the shopping centres where people put their tired feet into the water and the little fish nibble it. With the difference that you don't sit on a leather deckchair but at the edge of a little pool under the roots of a 400 year old tree. If you are getting a foot spa, do it properly. 

I’ve already mentioned how nice the Filipinos are. It also seems that the Philippines attract the most chilled out kind of travellers. Not that we didn't meet any nice people in other Asian countries but in the Philippines, there’s always someone cool around. It was English Graeme in Cebu City (and then in Moalboal, as everyone else!), Amanda in Alona Beach, Hannah and Henry and Paul and other great people in Siquijor. In the evening we’d all drive to get a barbecue for dinner and a couple of beers. On Saturday night we all went to party at “Sylvia’s”. It was a very entertaining night as both locals and tourists gathered there. We bought a bottle of rum and spoke and danced. 



In a sense, this Filipino trip has been the best so far.

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    Vojtěch (Tuesday, 23 February 2016 21:38)

    I got peed on by a dog... :-D :-D